Legacy bearing not spinning

Bought a legacy about 2 months ago, been playing on and off, nothing too ridiculous, and i have maintained it. Ive lubed it twice (YYJ thin lube), once shortly after receiving it, and again last week (got a DM then too so been playing with that more) It just seems the bearing isn’t spinning like it should…anyone else have this issue, or similar ones. any advice or help would be useful…


You can clean your bearing with mineral spirits but how much lube did you put in?

You should not have lubed it. Legacy bearings come pre-cleaned and lubed, so the lube you put in it was slowing it down further. I suppose the best you could do is clean it again and lube it slightly.

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Mabye because you lubed it too much?  I really don’t know.  Mabye a ball cracked. De-shield it and check it out.  Here’s a video on how to de-shield.


okay now i never thought i would say this but it looks like you are going to have to clean your bearing because there is probably junk in there

Yea thats what im thinking. I’ve had experience with ball bearings before (non-yoyo) and never had an issue with speed/spin. So just kind of working on the kinks. It seems fairly noisy as well…could this mean anything??? ill have to pick up some spirits and clean it out at somepoint

If you don’t know how to clean it here’s a video, the same video i posted up there.


why would you post the same video twice, thats stupid, no offense but seriously, think before you post

hey, hes trying to help me out, relax

i know dude, i just found that pointless, i didnt flip, just trying to make a point

ok, well can you offer any suggestions?

Maybe its because you are so used to the DM bearing feel that the Legacy doesn’t feel as right anymore? It can also be the possiblity that there was too much lube. Just do what everyone else said and clean it. Just don’t go nuts on the lube.

Just remember that the mineral spirits may decay your plastic so, i would dry it of thuroughly and then add the lube.

I’d bet money that this is nothing more than an over-lubed bearing.

Clean the bearing, as per the video, then apply a small amount of YYJ thin. You should be right back in business.

Protip: when I say “small amount” of lube, I’m not kidding. As in, apply it off the head of a needle. If you’ve used one full drop, straight from the bottle, you’ve already seriously overdone it.