Smallest standard bearing yoyo?

What’s the smallest standard bearing yoyo? Not like the mighty flea or anything like that because they use special mini bearings. What’s the smallest yoyo that uses standard C sized bearings?

Alchemy CU? n/m that’s an A bearing.

Probably the pop star but the Aoda Littles or dreamyo Pixy might take C bearings. I’m too lazy to check haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never mind.

Micro Mo maybe

I keep pondering the micro mo and the st eel or whatever it is called. Will look it up n correct it.

St Eel has a D bearing. My smallest is the ricochet and love it. Really want some more small metals.

DreamYo Pixy is the smallest I’ve found at 36mm. Anything smaller?

I think it may be the One Drop Dingo.

Are we talking “smallest bearing in a yoyo” or “smallest bearing yoyo that is a production model”?

As far as a standard bearing, what is a a standard bearing? We have the A, C, D and Euro C(L) and N(half-width C) as well accepted standard sizes, but there are also other standard sizes such as the ones in many Yomega loopers, which I think YYF also uses in their loopers. What about the B-sized bearings that YYJ uses in their Unleashed and used to use in their Aquarius?

But, you’re saying “What is the smallest diameter yoyo that utilizes a C-sized bearing in its design”.

My incomplete yoyo database, if accurate, shows the Dream Yo Pixy as the smallest C bearing that I have listed in the database.

36mm Diameter, 30mm Wide, 59.4 grams and 4mm gap.

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Hmm I’ll have to look u think the GenYo ministar might fit the bill it’s very small but I’ll look and update once I figure it out.

Here is an in going list of small yoyo diameters I’ll update ask come across them

GenYo ministar is - 48.36mm
OneDrop dingo - 46.00mm
YYF popstar - 43.08mm

So the winner is the popstar seems like everything else is slightly bigger

Nope. General Yo Ministar:

48.360mm diameter
36.100mm wide
62.500 grams
4.150mm gap.

It is small though.

That was my first thought but there are smaller.

These small yoyos are all within a few mm of each other as far as diameters goes but what are some of your other qualifications that you’re considering? Width, weight, weight distribution, ect. As they all might be close but they all play very different according to these other specs.

Studio’s post is all that’s needed. He has the data sheet so might as well just let him update if any other factors are important.

Studio, do you have the data sheet broken up into groups like metal, plastic, combination of both, etc…?
I’m sure the material is listed in your sheet but are there categories so to speak that they are broken into as they are listed?

Would you be willing to share it with anyone? I actually saw your collection posted somewhere the other day and it literally blew my mind. I’d need a data base too if had that many throws. Need a new bearing, click of mouse and “pop” there it is!

Off topic but also saw you mention audio gear in another thread recently. What type of gear do you prefer for I’m guessing studio applications? I have all pro gear in my theater except sub drivers are DIY. I like QSC amps, Lab G amps, JTR monitors and some non high efficiency paradigm for just listening rooms as I find them accurate but just not loud enough for theater use.

I’ll address these one at a time:

The database is incomplete. I need LOTS of help getting the information gathered. I have over 600 models logged, but there’s easily three times that that I am missing. Also, the sites that carried Aoda and Audley seemed to have gone dark, so I can’t get that information easily.

The yoyos are broken up strictly by brand, then name. The material is logged though, as I think that’s important. Sorts can put the list anyway you need it to be organized.

Would I be willing to share it? Yes, as long as people would share their additions back to me so I can keep an updated “master” to keep sharing out. If peope would email me brand, model, diameter, width, weight, gap, bearing size and type and I also like to track MSRP for historical purposes, I can add it to the database.

Yes, with a collection as large as I have acquired, I need the database of just my own stuff just to keep stuff under control. However, that database is logging information I don’t want to share, such as “purchase date, arrival date, what it retails for and what I sold, where I bought it, condition” and other stuff. I mean, I got a ZRO for like $20 or so, NEW, in a store!

In the other thread, I did mention audio gear. Behringer X32 which I bought for live sound, which is my specialty. 2 S16’s, an over-priced Cat6E, and a road case went with the bundle. Two other people on my crew are throwers. We know how to use our break times!! The other three on my crew are not throwers, but that’s OK. I’ve been learning this X32 since it came in on Monday. I’m doing pretty good. I can pass signal through, route to the various out buses and engage FX and run monitor mixes, so I’m fairly content with my results. I’m doing a remote recording with it on Thursday. Then in 2 weeks, SacHorrorFilmFest for a 3 day marathon on it.

Back on topic:
Having a database like this is handy. The concept is to try to get it as complete as possible. I think if I can share it on GoogleDocs and people can update it, that would be ideal. I have to look into it. The purpose is to make a file so people can quickly research things like bearings(stock mostly) and response options. I got some stuff coming up, but I think after the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, I have a couple of weeks to prepare for my next gig(drive to Bakersfield) and can research how this could work out.

Something Angle XS.

I think the popstar