Small bearing yoyos

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It’s been a while since I’ve been involved in the Yoyo world, but I have noticed that I don’t see many small bearing yoyos being released?
I personally like small bearing yoyos and some of my favorite throws were hspins of the small bearing kind.
Large bearing is fun but they have a different sort of feel.

Is this just a change that has happened and is there a reason it’s preffered?

It would be nice to see some more small bearing yoyos to get my small bearing fix. :slight_smile:

People think they can get away more with large bearing. Company have a hard time selling small bearing because of this, so not many are made any more. :frowning: I feel the same. large bearing are kinda’ sloppy in feel compared to the crisp feel of an A bearing.
But basically what I am saying is people prefer large way more so they sell faster so the company’s make them because they want to make money.

Size C has become the standard. Unless someone can completely blow the standard out of the water, it will remain for sake of anything different serving as a hassle to replace. Thus, regardless of whether or not size A or D (or any other size) bearings play better, they aren’t good enough to replace size C. Since they can’t become the standard, companies would much rather work with the standard since it is more commonly found and can be upgraded/replaced with ease.

Square Wheels recently came out with the Rex so I mean thats a small bearing.

The yyr six has a small bearing. Also the small bearing tactics are in stock as far as I know.

Yes, I find some small bearing yoyos enjoyable - YYF Hectic, HSPIN, SPYY. All of them have a nice feel.

I like some, but I hate the mayhem (A bearing)…

They are for sale still under Duncan.

But they seem to snag a little more than I like.

I honestly can’t even recall the last mainstream A bearing release…possibly the Exit 8 although it’s fairly old now. I love small bearing 07 888s. I can’t really say they play better than their C bearing counterparts but they definitely have a different feel that I really like. I personally prefer the small bearing Bassalope to the large bearing. Although both are very nice yoyos, the Bassalope really feels like a yoyo that was designed to use an A bearing with response pads as opposed to just another silicone recess C bearing. I’ve wanted to try an Exit 8 for some time but I haven’t found an inexpensive one in good enough condition to purchase yet.

D bearing throws seem to be making a decent showing in the recent past in some throws that have a pretty strong following like the Rex, Leo Sniper (and the MK-II), Six/Fragment/Uragment (maybe more YYRs? I don’t know). I owned a D bearing Skywalker that played great. I personally prefer the play of the C bearing model by a small margin but the difference in play was apparent and I could easily understand why people would prefer the D bearing.

D size is like the H-spin size right?

I enjoy D sized bearings, as well as A sized. They’re so much better of a feel for me that I just don’t get with a C. (The Mayhem is awesome BTW)

What’s the dif?
I’ve been searching for a small bearing Bassalope to compare with my large bearing and see for myself.

In my opinion, the only downsides to the A bearing vs C bearing Bassalope are that it punishes a bad throw and is more snaggy with sloppy play, and both of these are player issues, not yoyo issues.

My A bearing Bassalope was consistently smooth whereas it took me forever to tune my C bearing and I’ve heard that LB Bassalopes in general are pretty prone to some vibe. The A bearing offers better loops for suicides and good binds at super low RPMs. I believe the A bearing is a gram or so lighter as well, either the slightly lighter weight or slightly changed weight distribution make it suit my preferences better. There are a lot of yoyos that I prefer to either Bassalope, but the Bassalope is definitely my favorite A bearing yoyo.

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Yes, and early SPYY.

Ahhhh I see. So it’s a money and trend thing. Understandable.
Hopefully we can see a few small bearing releases in the future.
I’ll look into the exit 8 more. Looks like a nice throw!