Mini Titanium Yoyos


Just thought I would share a pic of my latest projects.

The one with the green ultra lights was the first one I made and it weighs 71 grams. The second one weighs 56 grams. They both play pretty well. The first one has a noticeable vibe but it doesn’t effect play.

The second one the vibe is so minor it is almost not noticeable. I like them.

They make we want to go find a OD Sovereign to buy. Lol

Both are 38.8 mm diameter with c-bearing and red silicone response.

Also I have no interest in selling these or in making one to sell.

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Yoooo! These look sweet! Might I suggest replicating one of those with an A bearing? I think you might get even stronger spin, as well as be able o shape the yoyo a bit more angular!


The Turning Point Tarasqus uses an A bearing which makes it a much more stable mini yoyo
(And more playable)

But they still look awsome!


Maybe I need to look into this A bearing thing… I went with the C bearing because the ID is .250 and I had a .250 reamer. With the A size I need to get a new reamer and a new bearing. :slight_smile:

These play well enough for me. With a good throw you can do 30-45 seconds of string tricks. Just throwing it and letting it spin until it just barely binds it sleeps for about 2-2.5 minutes.


Those are really cool Jon. Round out those sharp edges and people will line up to buy. :slight_smile:


Would buy…


Those are cool Jon. Nice work. Nice Spyderco Southard as well ;).

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The reason you would want to switch to an A size bearing is that you will not have to use as much metal for the bearing area, and you can add a few extra grams to the rims without making it too heavy(I’m saying this from a physics point of view, not from actual yoyo design experience). Make sure you don’t just switch bearing sizes, but redesign the yoyo slightly.
EDIT: My mistake, all that isn’t true.

That said, those look really cool.


Do you guys think it would be worth it to build one based off of the flea bearing and string?

Yoyofool I love my Spyderco Southard! It is an awesome knife. Here is a pic of the otherside. :slight_smile:


I have a Spyderco Endura. Love Spyderco, and love that knife. =)


That is very nice. Love the moku-ti clip. Nice to know other Knife geeks are around too.


The Endura is a great knife. Spyderco is one of my favorite manufacturers. Sorry for the stray off topic ;).


I actully use flea string with my tarasqus (A bearing)

Because the smaller bearing has a smaller gap the super thin string really helps


straying off topic again for a sec…

Bali-Yo (the butterfly knife style pen), who has been a sponsor for the world contest the last 4-5 years now, is run by Eric Glessner… the son of Sal, who started Spyderco. He designs many of their knives and runs much of the company. He has been at worlds running their table every year they’ve been there.

Always fun to hang out and chat with him and hear about whatever cool new stuff they’re working on. We’ve even made a few trades over the years :wink:



Eric is a friend of mine also. Spyderco is a great company! My main job is in the cutlery industry. :wink:

I will pick up some A Bearings and see how well it works with the smaller bearings.

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All right, apparently I’m wrong. yoyodoc pmed me and explained it. You can disregard everything but the last sentence.


Picture of my home made mini ti with my new OD Sovereign! Also pictured is my wives pocket knife.

I scored the Sovereign after someone read this thread and offered me theirs. That is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

The picture and I are both happy.