Replacing yoyo bearing

Okay. New to the site. I have a pocket pro creeper with a real spider in it. So I came apart while I was throwing it and lost the bearing. I was wondering if anyone knows the size of the bearing and where i can buy a replacement? Any help would be appreciated. Uploading: 1580420176966235478616214617955.jpg…

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Make and model of the yoyo please?

It’s probably a “c” size but some manufacturers use other sizes.

Wow!that’s pretty neat.

[Uploading: 1580420457840285821268729121949.jpg…]

It is a pocket pros creeper. Sorry it is taking so long to reply. I am at work.

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It is a pocket pros creeper.

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I can tell buy the stainless steel prep table. :+1:
Shoot a pic of the gap please and bearing seat too.

Yeah. And the internet is not good here.
Is this what you mean?

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Found this on an old thread here.


Also…welcome to the community @GigglingSkull!

Thanks so much

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I think a new bearing may cost more than you paid for that yoyo( I hope- it seems to be low priced- under 10bucks).
It may be time to upgrade

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Really? Where did you find that price?

Typed it into my Google search bar. Their store was first on the list.

Can’t post links to other web store yoyo dealers here though. You’ll figure it out.




Oh. I found the bearings for like 6.50 on amazon

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Sweeeeeeet. I hope the reference I found was correct. Please let us know the results.