Looking for specs on the Razor Pocket Pros Yo-Yo Zombie

As the subject says, I’m looking for specs on the Razor Pocket Pros Yo-Yo Zombie

I am having problems finding information. Specifically, I cannot find the information regarding the bearing.

1: This kid had one, and it has a rather short axle. He had what I assume too be a Duncan brass spacer crammed in there, which was doing him no good.

2: I tried to put an A-sized bearing in there. It was way too large AND the yoyo could not close. Even if it could close, it was flat to the bearing so there’s no way it could spin. It only had this small area around where the axle goes but didn’t have really the seat area where the inner ring would typically make contact with the yoyo body.

3: Maybe it doesn’t use a bearing? I put a string on the smooth axle part that was accessible. I gave the kid a second string.

Is this a fixed axle yoyo? I know don’t, but the term “POS” comes to mind when I was trying to help this kid out.

Anyhow, any help would be appreciated. I am tempted to order an appropraite bearing if it takes one, and then just stick it in there for the kid.

I have a bearing,and it’s supposed to be “gold plated.” I don’t think i have the specs though, but I can look and see when I get home after school.

Thanks a ton! I’ve been scouring the internet and I can find everything except the bearing specs, except for one that said it used a C-sized bearing, which can’t be true in this case. I should have tried my Flea bearing.

is it the old zombie by smallminds?

The Razor Pocket Pro Zompie uses a C sized bearing, and has a butterfly shape. The Zombie by Small Minds has a modified shape and uses a custom bearing, which looks to be the same as the bearing used in the older Custom yoyos and the Micro Bullet by Yo-Yo. If the inner diameter of an A sized bearing fits on the axle, then the bearing is the same as the Micro Bullet.

OK, here’s more information:

It said clearly on the yoyo:

Razer PockeT Pro Zombie.

It’s all metal.

It looks exactly like this:

Sorry if I violate YYE rules. You don’t carry this one. I’m also going to contact that store for a bit of help.

It’s definitely a straight gap. I’d say it’s like a Custom Products Chain Reactor kind of design, from the standpoint of that it’s like a modified shape. It’s not wing shaped in the least.

The spacer that was in there fit OK to the axle. The A-sized beaing I placed in there briefly had loads of play and it was on the surface of the yoyo, completely outside of where the bearing seat is/was.

If the kid stops by on Sunday, I’ll take some photos of it.

Seems I’m doing an awful lot of work for what may be zero rewards. I will check ont the Micro Bullet just to try to move things along.

I’ve also called the company directly that makes these and they don’t have an answer for me and won’t sell me parts.

I’ve never seen that Zombie by Pocket Pros but I’m almost certain it uses a Mighty Flea size bearing then.

I have one of those things kicking around somewhere they sell them a big5.
It uses 2 small brass spacers and a tiny gold plated bearing. The other thing it loves to do is if you knock it on the ground the next throw it will fly apart which I imagine is what happened to the kids that your trying to help out. Let me see If I can find mine and I’ll send it to you it’s super beat…it actually spins really well when it has all the parts ;D ;D ;D I just don’t use mine much any more…

Shoot me shipping in via pm

Thanks. That’s a very generous offer. I’ll send a PM later, but at least let me pay for postage and any associated costs.

I may also swing by the local big 5 as well and see what’s up with these things!

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYS!!! The Zombie sucks in the way that it is the aluminum and bearingized version of a party favor yoyo. It is the yoyo that got me back into yoyoing, but it still sucks. There is a plastic that Pocket Pros makes that will have either a spider or a scorpion inside, and they suck, but are better than the Zombie.

I still have my Zombie. It has no spacers: it has a permanent bearing seat. It has a C bearing. The body is almost a mix of looping and butterfly: it will not loop and the spin times are not great because of there being so much center weight. Almost the entire body is a highwall.

I don’t know what you have, but this one won’t fit a C-sized bearing, the axle isn’t big enough.

As far as sucks, I won’t argue that. That kid would be better off with a Pro Z! They ain’t all that great, but man, for $8, I’m LOVING these cheap plastic yoyos! I wish these kids would show up with their parents so I can explain stuff to them. It would make things easier all around.

I think there are actually 2 versions 1 with large bearing size C for string tricks (the bearing isn’t gold plated) and the 2 is modified shape and has a gold plated small bearing (I think the bearing is the same size as the Yomega Raider). The modified shape one was what got me turned on to yoyoing, although it still kinda sucks (if you very heavily lube it it’s not bad for looping if for some strange reason you want a metal looper) and the string trick one Isn’t that bad for string tricks (one of my friends has one).