New-ish Zombies?

You all remember the narrow Pocket Pros Zombie that came out a couple years ago, right? A $15 aluminum narrow width, large diameter wing-shaped yoyo? Just the other day, I was at a local Big 5 picking up something and couldn’t help it but stop at their minimal amount of yoyos they had…and noticed something strange about the Zombie yoyo. These were no longer the Auldey Grey Fox’s they were originally. This time, they were modified shaped, thicker rims and whatnot…it made me wonder, why they switched out designs and went to what looks similar (a little more rounded) to a Small Minds Zombie. I haven’t bought one of these yet but curiosity has struck.

I really doubt they would be any good for anything except the basic tricks and can’t imagine it looping for nothing as it still retains a gap about the same width as a Freehand or any other 1A yoyo. Has anyone else tried or noticed the revisited/reshaped Zombie? They look like the bearing size shrunk down to an A-size bearing. Also looking, it looks like the silicone recess was designed for a C-sized bearing and is rather narrow, being about the width and size of a YYJ O-ring. Looks way too far from the dinky bearing it has.

Side note: These were the only images I found of the newly shaped Zombie, I made my best efforts to make it ‘brand free.’ Admins: If you feel they should be removed anyway, feel free.

My cousin had one. It was his first metal.

Honestly, it’s terrible. It doesn’t spin for nothing, and the response is sticky somehow. I wouldn’t waste 15 bucks on one.

I saw these at big 5 the other day too. It made me wonder if theyd be any good at string tricks. Reminded me of a yoyo I saw, help me with the name cus I don’t want to go searching, that was this same type of shape but it was made for string tricks. Large bearing, unresponsive.

Do you know the bearing size and width?

There is no “new shaped Zombie.” The yoyo division of Pocket Pros collapsed over a year ago, only a few months after releasing the Zombie. Now, they only make miniature Razor scooters.

They were going to come out with what looked like a really good throw last summer called the EOS.

They come with a C bearing, so if you see one on clearance, it could be worth having an extra bearing, but that’s about it. A flying Squirrel is a better yoyo than a Zombie.