Pocket Pros Zombie!

I know some people hate this thing, but I strongly suggest buying one of these if u want a cheap metal yoyo and sorry for not having any pics of this thing out of the package, I got a little excited when I got it. Please read the entire review because with a few mods it’s like a totally different yoyo.

First what I think about it out of the package.
Look and Feel:
This thing looks pretty cool, but when you look at it closely you can see that it’s painted. Some parts of the yoyo are painted well and it looks cool, but when you look by the logo the paint has some spots and stuff in it and it’s just not done very well. I would consider it to be slightly over sized. The diameter is a hair bigger than a protostar and a FHZ, but still smaller than a throw monkey. It’s not the most comfortable to hold in your hand, but once you get used to it, it really doesn’t matter. And on one side of the yoyo around the response it has some righting and it has a texture, I just sanded and polished it up. 6/10

Wow is thing cheap! The first thing is that the response is just horrible. It comes with “silicone” pads that you can flip for either flat or starburst response. It has a decent sleep time and you can kind of do some tricks, but nothing complicated like roller coaster. If you take out one pad it does play a lot better, but still not as good as the new FH2. When you are doing tricks and the string hits the yoyo it sounds like a bell! 4/10

Final Thoughts, Stock
It’s not a good yoyo. For a beginner it would be fine but you really can’t do much with it and for the price there are much better yoyos. The only thing that I really like about it stock is that it does come with some yellow slick 6 string. 5/10

After a few mods…
I like it better shiny! But it’s not really different from stock. 7/10

With a clean bearing, some silicone on both sides, and the inside cleaned up a little, wow! I love this thing. It plays better than a kickside and as good, if not better than the new FH2, but not how a metal should, but it only cost $15. It plays really smooth and has some nice and tight binds. It’s the opposite of how it was stock. I can get a good minute of sleep time. If you have this yoyo and a center track bearing it’s even better. For the price and the simple mods 9/10

Final Thoughts
I love it! For a $15 metal you really can’t ask for much, or anything really, but with a little love and care you can have a pretty good yoyo. I haven’t stopped playing with this thing since I got it on Sunday. The only downside is that it still sounds like a bell, but it doesn’t matter. If you know how to clean a bearing and silicone a yoyo and are willing to spend $15 for a metal yoyo buy the Zombie. considering the price 9/10

Here are some comparison shots with a DV888 and FHZ

i might get one

Okay review. Some typos and such but it got the point across.

Would you say it plays better than a Metal Zero? I have my MFHZ set up with a KK and black k-pads.
Plays really nice, but I was wondering if this is nicer. ???

It’s only my first review so if there is anything I could have done better, besides the typos, let me know.

I wish I could tell you if it played better than a metal fhz, but I don’t have one. I think it blows the old fh2 out of the water if that helps.

10/10 nice review

Would you be talking about my throw monkey?

What size is the bearing?


It takes a C sized bearing

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does it grind well? (for a fifteen dollar yoyo)

Arm grinds and finger grinds are decent but not as good as a 2010 freehand 2 and thumb grinds don’t really work well because the inner lip is angled. Grinds work probably work better if it was anodized instead of painted.

The Freehand 2 can barely do a finger grind because it’s plastic. And it’s bad for arm grinds.

In my opinion it grinds better than the zombie mainly because of the shape.

Dude, that thing looks exactly like my Grey Fox!

Nice review, following the Yoyoskills standards but the number system is kind of outdated. The whatever out of 10 is more of preference and just the text will do for a review.