Ok so this my first metal yoyo

And to be honest it’s great at such a low price $69.99
But for me it’s not low as I’m a Singaporean and what’s more?It is $100SGD so not much of a affordable yoyo to me but I still bought it
Basically the yoyo is smooth it is H shaped and it fits pretty well on your hand
And for starters don’t buy this , because 1.If u dang this in a mall or on public,everyone is gonna look at you 2.u are gonna cry
It comes with the yoyo and a c-sized 8 ball bearings and a orange string
-can handle ur abuses
-spins long(3mins)
-doesn’t wobble
-great response(in sense of doing a triple trapez sucide still not coming to ur finger with a thud and then it breaks ur finger or so)
Get this yoyo guys

Ur fellow neighbor from Singapore

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nice review!

Haha thx


First of all, I find reviews that use complete sentences and don’t abbreviate to be much nicer on the eyes. If you put this in the form of a paragraph, this could be a very nice review. Also, every yoyo has flaws, I like it when a reviewer points them out, even the small ones, so I’m not surprised when I receive the yoyo. While some have more flaws and or bigger flaws than others, there is something lacking in every yoyo. I found the Firmy to be a weak grinder when I tried it. Try to talk about how it plays a little bit more, you didn’t mention horizontal, regenerations, or stability. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just trying to ensure there are more well informed buyers.

Edit- Why are you telling us not to buy it because it can be dinged?