Razor-pocket pros zombie by barrett farmer(yo-bear)

Yesterday i went to toys-r-us and purchased a pocket pros zombie.i decided to share with you my thoughts on the yoyo.
if you are looking for a yoyo to take to a free style,this is not the yoyo for you.
this yoyo looks pretty cool.i got the green one btw.the ano(i think thats what it is)is a very bright vibrant color,but there are a ton of spots that got messed up.on the side in simple lettering is the name zombie and a cool looking pocket pros logo.this is identicle on both sides.over all this yoyo looks cool.
the yoyo comes with the standared razor package.within the package is the yoyo,a c-sized bearing,and a slick six yellow string.also it comes with some reversable silicon pads for response.what i mean by reversable is that one side of the pad has a sort of shaved down starburst and the other side is almost flat except where the little divits are for the starburst on the other side.they pop out easily so they are easily interchangeable.
the bearing it comes with is a little under okay.it comes heavily lubed so it is super responsive out of the box.the string is almost exactly like what you’ll find here at YYE.only its a little longer.its more for beginers so it doesnt hold a loop very well.but its okay.
On my first throw,the thing i noticed immediately was the vibe.it has a terrible vibe.not like yoyojams vibe,i mean an earthquake of a vibe.it wobbles and shakes like its getting hit by a typhoon.then i noticed the bearing was heavily lubed so i put a dry yyf spec in there and it vibes even more.but with the dry spec in,it spins waaay longer now.and it was slightly unresponsive now. ;D.but it still sucked. :’(.there is almost no rim weight so the sleep time depended mostly on my throw and the bearing.also,it tilts alot too.for example,i was doing the matrix and by the third round it looked like iwas trying to do a gyro flop.so yeah this yoyo realy sucks.
sooo,this yoyo looks cool but dont let its looks fool you.its a waste of time and money.i know it seems a little harsh but razor did a pretty crapy job on this one.you can tell that all they wanted to do was make a quick buck.so i implore you,DONT BUY THS YOYO!!!
this was my first review(not sure if it was a review as much as it was a scolding of how bad razor did).so tell me how i did and let me know if there is anything i forgot.

They’re stocked in the stores now?

Yeah, the initial release all looks awful to me.

yeah that is more for begginers
but i tried a proto of an advanced yoyo. it was great


Well its getting better!

Never expected their yoyos to be looking like that!

how much did it cost?

this isnt it.the one i have looks like it has a slim round shape like a fhz.ill see if i can find a pic.

[ur]http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p3476[/url]here you go.the zombie is the silver yoyo in the two pics.enjoy.


what…im not good with computors.i dont know how to imbed videos,i dont know how to make a link to where you click it,it takes you to a website.i dont even know how to copy and paste pics.im always willing to learn though.could you teach me???polease.lol ;D

to post a link (it should be at the top of the screen where you type the web adresses), you select, hit contol c to copy, and then paste it in your reply by hitting control v. To post an image, you copy the image code (which you can get after uploadin he pic to photobucket) and paste that.

Nor can you spell embed. lol jk

here it is:

LOL!!! I saw the Zombie in the stores a couple weeks ago and went “That looks crappy…”

I did the same thing last night. I’d rather the FH2 that was next to it on the shelf for the same price.

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