New Pocket Pro's Zombie!!!

At the ISYYC on May 1st, I tried the Zombie, its was decent. A bearing size and Pad Response, with a Skinny Rounded Shape. it was REALLY Responsive but for those people who want unresponsive a bearing cleaning amd a Pad removement would make it so. Reatail will be around $20-$25, it will be released in a couple months. This is no yoyo to wait on or to be expected great, but you get your moneys worth. I didn’t take pics because I didn’t have my camera.

Thought it was $14.99
Release date changed from March to a couple months from now lol

I think it’s a rebranded Auldey Grey Fox

A redranded auldey?

If only that picture wasn’t taken with such a bad camera.

The Zombie isn’t a rebranded Auldey.
The Zombie is Razzor Scooters attempt at making money off of the upcoming “Boom” that they say is coming. They decided to make high-quality yoyos at an entry level price.

the new zombie is a pretty dope yoyo. it has a sort of rubber starburst system that provides good consistent response and plays pretty darn smooth on the string. the rubber parts could easily be ripped out and replaced with silicone. i don’t think it used an A bearing but i’m not 100% sure. expect retail to be closer to $40 then $20.


Razor “Blue One” (Boomerang?) looks like an Auldey Fire Moon

Well, i think we will never know unless someone from inside razor, or maybe auldey speak up.

About the Zombie:

I was at Cal and one of the Pocket Pros guys came and asked to try out my Auldey Grey Fox for about 2 minutes. After that he said something to the perspective of:

“I think we got it. Just what we were looking for. Thanks.”

I noticed the shape of the Zombie and it looks really similar to my Grey Fox. The Shape looks really similar, the gap has a similar width, and the nipples on the side of the yo-yo look exactly the same in the same position and the metal is refurbished exactly the same.

Raw on the outside while the sides are ano’d or refurbished.

Well they look exactly alike.
Just need info on specs.

Fixed. :wink:

Well I see no harm in it. Auldey and another company have copied some of the US design’s. What comes around goes around.


Zombie is $14.99, as stated in the press release.

“The Blue One” is probably part of the advanced line that is $20-30

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i hope to see less and less of this.