When will Pocket Pros be coming out?

Any word on when the “Pocket Pros” line of yoyos by Razor will be coming out?
I was looking them up today and couldn’t find a release date. And judging from what yoyo skills said about them I might have to pick up a Zombie, And maybe “The Blue One” too

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They should be coming out any day, Be watching for a commericial and I think the Blue one is a Zombie.

Yeah it should be any time now. Probably about 3 weeks ago Joey said it would be 2-3 weeks most likely so…

Awesome. Is there any word on where will be carrying them? I’m guessing TRU will, and I hope they are because I love like 5 minutes away from one.

very soon I believe :slight_smile:
I feel like a old man typing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an update:
The Pocket Pros line will be out soon! They’ve received the shipments, so it should be any time now.
Also, there are prototypes which have been played at Cal States and Redondo which are being looked at for future consideration.

Also, the final CAD drawings and designs were finished today for my signature yoyo, the Eos. Look for more news on this in the coming 2 or 3 weeks!

Are they going to released down here in australia, or am I going to have to get one shipped from the States?

Max. is Toys R Uss in Austrailia? If so I’d say Probably but you never know.
Off Topic but Do you see Kangaroos and Walibees(SP) on a Daily basis? If so could you take a pic of one with your Primo in its pouch?

I tried Joey’s blue one (razor 2?) at call states and it was amazing.

I’ll definitely will be getting 1 or 2 of them

I hope there would be asian release.
Theres toys r us in indonesia, i will be hopeing now.

Yeah we have toys r us here is aus.
That would be a cool photo, I could probably try to arrange a photo like that. The kangeroo’s might be a bit sensitive about me putting a yoyo in it’s pouch though, but I will try.

lol… mate.

Actually, the silver one is the zombie but that’s beside the point.

Can’t wait for them to come out. 15 dollars for a metal, that’s gotta be worth trying and since they will be at Toys R’ Us then I can buy one without shipping.

Joey, can’t wait to try out the yo-yos that you used at Cal.

(PS: Why did you cover up your name with "Eli Cash)?

The blue Razor yoyo wasn’t the yoyo I designed. That was one of the prototypes.

And “Eli Cash” was Alex Kim, not me.

Oh, oops.

I was just wondering, “Do you guys think if Walmart will sell Pocket Pros yo-yos?”, and “Is the Pocket Pros commercial, a TV commercial, or a commercial on youtube?”.
Thank you in advance,
P.S. I didn’t know if I need to make a new discussion for this, or if I should post my questions on here since the discussion is about Pocket Pros. If I need to move this post then I will.

you’re fine. As for being at wal mart, I would probably say that it depends on whether this yoyo boom actually takes off, but i think they will definately be at toys r us.

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Pretty sure the Blue one is called Boomerang.

Wonder when that one will come out ???

I thought the red one was a zombie! EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE!!! AWWWWOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ^_________^

It can come in red if you want it to
Pics from Target