Where oh where?

Where can I get a pocket pro zombie? Also, if there is one, pm me the link to a site that sells the northstar.

I don;t think the Northstar has been released outside of competitions yet. I may be wrong, and if you find out something different shoot me a PM I am looking to buy one as soon as they come out :smiley:

I’ve seen the zombie at toysrus.

By next month do you mean September or October? It’s the 28th.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen the Zombie at Toys r Us, but they do have a lot of pocket pro yo-yo’s. I’m sure you might spot one in their yo-yo section.

i think northstar is on modern yoyoing?

why would you ever get a pocket pro? They are crap, but if you must have one, yoyoguy.com

My friend has one and what mists8eight8 says is true

lol, have you seen the commercial?

they are NOT using pocket pros in the commercial, pocket pros are not even wing shaped or unresponsive, so you must have someone as good as ed to be able to do those tricks

Yes, they’re using the Zombie, and please don’t hate on me because you think it sucks, because I do too.