Pocket Pros Stinger Review

So, this responsive yoyo has one rather large gimmick: a scorpion imbedded in one side. Yeah. So…

The Specs: I honestly have no idea. Um… A pick with a Token and Genesis: http://i.pgu.me/LVb+hiM7_original.jpg
Right. And, it has a really weird bearing.

The Packaging: Pretty typical cheap packaging. Plastic and cardboard. It comes with a white poly string.

The Play: Out of the box, this thing is terrible. Seeking the source of its obtuseness, I opened up its bearing. Yikes. I literally scooped out lube with a pin. So, needless to say I cleaned it. This made it partially unresponsive. Hm. So, I triple looped the string around the axle. Now, it plays pretty good. It’s really solid, although nothing can be said about its stability. Sleeps around 15-20 seconds. Grinds are terrible. Flops are hard. Stalls are decent. Loops are good with a thick bearing, but otherwise bad.

Appearance: scorpions are so cool. I love the way this thing looks.

In summary, this thing is fun. Really really fun. I’ll try to post a few more pictures. Criticism welcome, I’m not good at this.

I have three of them. Extremely heavy, terrible weight distribution. Vibe like crazy. Uncomfortable to catch. Terrible yoyos.

But they have scorpions.

I have had a Pocket Pros Vampire before.

They have B sized bearings. The kind that in MagicYoyo Hubstacks.

Clean out the bearing. Mine played pretty ok after cleaning it up a little.

Yes. The vibe is rather absurd. But the scorpions are nice.

It looks good in a case / shelf.

And plus, it looks very nice.

i really hate this throw for christmas 2 years ago my mom got me the creeper and the stinger the spider and scorpion are cool the look is awsome but the play sucks major donkey butt. i will do any thing to get rid of mine if anyone wannts it the 2 of them for 15 dollars

I bought my stinger for $4…