yoyo pgm to m1? (comparison picture please)

I have a m1 and i wanna see some comparison photos
of a m1 and a pgm

I will take them right now,one sec…

PGM on the left, M1 on the right.

Dang!I had just uploaded the pics.

That was one very long second! You should just post up the pictures anyways if you want.

LOL. That made me laugh. :smiley: That was one very long second…

thanks for pictures

Wow Samad, you have all of your yoyos that has scratches/ dings on it. You better be careful with those things. :-X

Happy Throwing! =]

Yeah, well I like to have fun when I yoyo, so I don’t try to baby them. :wink:

Man, you have a Gateway computer! Lucky! I have a 2001 Windows XP. Those are really different sizes too. :slight_smile:

i baby my yoyos all the way and i still have fun

I agree with you there.

I don’t baby my yo-yos, though, but I don’t get dings/scratches (usually). I still have fun. That has nothing to do with having fun.

I ussually don’t mind about dings, but I am trying to keep my Skyline mint for as long as possible.

lol your m1 is really badly dinged :o Thanks for the comparison though ;D Can you grind with your m1?

I can grind with mine, and mine’s got some nicks and scrathces as well.

I would never let my yoyos come to that position.

Me either.

I don’t care, Every ding and scratch is a love mark to me.

Well, think, the yoyo costs about $120 and you let it go down to $20 with all those dings.

The reason it is actually so dinged, is because one time I was walking with my M1 in hand, I tripped and put my hands out to stop the fall instinctively, and my M1 scraped across the floor.

And those black marks on the PGM are from 5a ;D