pgm verses m1

hey im in a tight battle between the pmgv2 and the m1
i like hubstacks, but is the m1 alot better than the pgm???
also if u keep a metal in ur pocket and bump it, will it dent???
my first metal, or my first stacked yoyo???

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Go for metal! I had a pgm and the hubstacks were cool for the mean time but i eventually wanted a metal so i got the m1 and now i kinda realized i should have got an m1 in the beginning because by now i would have another m1 or p2!

the m1 is ten times better in my opinion. i have both of the yoyos, and i even got another m1

i like a little thinner yoyos, and i prefer a little undersized
i want hubstacks, but if the m1 is super pwnage i dont care about stacks
sleep time would be good, if u have anyother yoyos, please list them
thanks ;D

There’s many other differences as well. The PGM is bigger, the M1 is smaller. M1 is dead smooth too. I never had a PGM though, so I don’t know. If I were you, I would choose M1, because they’re gonna be gone soon, and I got synergy caps, used it for a week, and now, all I use it for is for more weight on a Dark Magic. Metal yoyos don’t dent if you fall on them… depends on how fat you are. If you’re over a ton, I think it’s safe to say the metal will dent. ;D However, if you’re normal, then falling on a yoyo shouldn’t dent it, I fell on my M1 and it’s still there. However, I kind of caught myself as I went… worst thing I can think of is that the axle might bend. I don’t think the yoyo itself will dent.

M1, look for my review…

wait, here it is!!


but im kinda split, because if i buy the pgm, i can get 100 bulk string
and also stacks look fun…

also i allow a nice ammount of ppl i trust with my yoyos…if any1 hits a m1 onthe ground… >:(

Stacks are a novelty. I mean look at all the YYF that are coming out now. They don’t have stacks on them. That alone should tell you something. Get the M1!!


The M1 is 15 dollars more expensive. I think dead smooth metal is worth 15 dollars more.

Normally, I would recommend the PGM because it’s cheaper and hub-stacks are fun, etc.

In this case, the M1 is on it’s last leg production wise and supplies are limited. Don’t miss your chance to grab a part of yo-yoing history!

The hub stacks on the PGMv2 I had were loud and annoying, I ended up selling it to my co-worker :).

the only prob is that my parents think 40 dolaa on a yoyo is crazy, even though i used to painball and its 40$ per day :o
and they were like string???
so idk if i can buy 100 strings if igo with the m1, are there any good yoyos around 30$

Around $30 is a plastic. I still encourage you to get the M1, because it’s so cheap right now too! It actually costs less than some of the Bi-Metals of YYJs. Tell us your preferences in a yoyo if you’re not comparing just two yoyos and asking for a suggestion.