Yoyo jokes!

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Best jokes of all.

Yoyo unboxing videos
Yoyo company fanboys
Yoyoers who think the clyyw five panels look good
Yoyoers who post 1000 times a month because they like to “contribute to the community”
Yoyoers who wine about bearings
Yoyoers who wine about not placing
Yoyoers who wine about anything
Yoyoers who wear fedoras to match their crocs
Dubstep at yoyo contests
Dubstep in general
Yoyo puns

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I agree with all but the dubstep thing. What fast music are you supposing 90% of the people are going to throw to without reusing others music? Also, did you hear about the fanboy who traded a near mint peak for a yeti at worlds? I watched it go down lol…

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I have nothing much against dubstep, but I kind of crinch when a kid uses music like that, but can’t handle it. There’s some people who kind of rock it, but most times, it’s hard to watch.


Yeahh… the only performance from worlds this year with dubstep was really Chris Chia’s.



If you cannot think of music that is fast and able to build hype like cheap dubstep, than you seriously need to find a way out of the hole you’re currently in.
There is tons, tons of music that is able to achieve what dubstep can do.

Somebody made another thread of yoyo jokes
It won’t be long before it croaks.

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With help from the yeti The End ;D ;D ;D


the SASQUATCH was never found…


nor the campfire


Like I said, the only dubstep performance I liked at worlds this year was Christopher Chias, all the other ones were horrible dubstep.


Um…okay… this has been fun. Back on track please.

Q. Why does Carlos Braun love watches?
A. Because he likes to count the HOURs, MINUTEs, of all EIGHTY-SIX thousand FOUR-HUNDRED seconds of every day.


wow i havent posted in months :stuck_out_tongue:


sup breh!


Brah! Your back! "Remember, are you still better than me ;););););):wink:


OMG you have 4000+ posts now WHAT?!?!


Uh Er… Uh… It’s a … Uh… Long. Errrrr story


I outta make a new video. Want to have a challenge? Or is it called a battle?


Oh I smell a battle brewing. Let me prep some popcorn


Hmm. Not if your joining xD…


I’m staying out of this one I’m just a mere popcorn eater this time


Oh!!! :wink: