Re Aug 11 Post Jensen Kimmitt= karate kid with yoyo

 I took this picture at the Canadian YoYo  Championship Contest  2001  in Vancouver B C .....  JENSEN ( my grandson ) is showing Harvey Lowe ( 1932 YoYo World Champion )  the washing machine trick  that  was invented by Doc Pop

dude, you dont create a new topic to reply to an old one…by me…

Dude, calm down dude…

guys…that’s jensen’s grandfather posting this you know, I must say though sir the karate kid post was a joke making refrence to the 1984 classic movie “Karate Kid” starring Ralph Macchio where Macchio is portraying a young karate student being taught by an unlikely master. The post was made to be funny and in no way offensive and I hope you understand the joke! Your grandson is an excellent performer and a great guy to talk to and I think that anyone who has met him can agree with me.

im not trying to be mean, it just sounds like that over the interwebs :wink:

-b mika (must be annoying to do that every post)

Excuse me, but do we actually know if that guy is REALLY Jensens grandfather.

Yes, I am Jensen’s Grampa I thought the post by 8eight8 was very funny (good stuff) and I apologize to him if I goofed for my reply, I just thought the yoyo community would find it interesting that Harvey Lowe and Jensen are both Canadian Champions , 78 years apart I was not aware this photo I took was on the web , I thought it was only in my personal photo albums . Jensen must have posted it somewhere as I don’t know how to post a picture ( grampa)

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I Apologise if you are Jensens Grandfather but i simply do not except things that are amazing without proof.

Also, if you are Jensens grandfather why not join earlier than july 2010?

I hope you understand.

Also: to upload an image click the button under the I which is a landscape of some trees with a white border with red outlineing it.

jensen is awesome…

can you tell us a little more of jensen when he was a kid?