Yoyoing child!!!

This kid knows the basics but it makes me feel like a noob again l0l.

Yea hes doing the basics but you got to thank, most of us didn’t even know how to throw a yoyo at that age. Something tells me hes gonna be a great yoyoest. And yes it dose make you fill like a noob. Looks like he is growing up with it though. Later.

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Yeah he’s probably gonna go pro… no joke lol

Wow. Thats incredible. With, like, a Walgreens store yoyo, he did all that. HE CAN EVEN DO SPLIT BOTTOM MOUNT!!! :smiley:

He’s left handed like me!!!

I’m taking a guess that he’s about 4 or 5. I don’t think I even knew what a yoyo was back when I was his age! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember this.

Unfortunately he probably doesn’t yoyo anymore.

This was made back in 1999 when there was the large yoyo boom.

The yoyos he was using were spintastic tigershark’s and turbo bumble bees.

It would be awesome if he still yoyo’s.

But it is somewhat unlikely

But he is very awesome!


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Thanks for raining on our parade. Just messing with you Jay. Later.

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Wasn’t the date on youtube 2007?

wow he’s good!!

It was made before it was put on youtube right? So it was made in 1999, and put on youtube on 2007. Youtube only came out in 2005.

I gotta say, the title of this topic makes it sound like this kid is some kind of fulfillment of a prophecy.

:smiley: :wink: :o

It’s still a neat video.

Wow, a video was on a computer for 8 years?

Wow, this kid might be a prodigy or something.

probably shown on tv 8 years ago, someone recorded it, and decided to upload it.

If u say it was made in 1999 and he looks four he would be fourteen right now and if he was five he would be fifteen right now.

That was cute! Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

I’m confused. Wasn’t DTImike thanking goofy?

idk I thought he was thanking me for the calculation i did in years?