How old are you?


Hi Guys,
Im just wondering how old people are on this website that are really in to yoyo. im 23 and live in England and alot of people say im too old to like it so much.

I would also be curious as to how long you have been yoyoing for. i have only been doing it for about 4 months properly but i love every min of it


11.I have been yoyoing for 4 months too. Also,is this in the wrong section.


Hey man i’m from the uk(newquay cornwall)yo’ing for a bit also luv it check out my you tube page…
oh the age thing whats all that about im 37


13 years old.


outside: 45
inside: variable depending on what I feel like doing lol


12 and still alive. Lol. :slight_smile:


14 and i have bean yoyoing for 7 months now.



Thiss should be in “unrelated yoyo discussion.” :-\

Happy Throwing !=]

(Mikey) #10

i think im the youngest on yye. im nine!



I’ve been yoyoing for a day. I guess you can say I’m a fast learner :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, been throwing for almost a year. It will be a full year on June 4th.

(Frank W.) #12

18 and yoyoing for four months


16 years old and I’ve been throwing for about 6 months.


13 and yoyoing for 1 year


I am 13 and have been yo-yoing for about 6-7 months.


19, Been throwing for around 3 months.


13 and yoyoing for 2 years


14 and yoing for 1 year almost 1.5 years.


14 y/o


Hayabusa User!

(Shisaki) #20

11 and 3 fourths and I’ve been yoying with a bearing yoyo for about 4 months