Welcome to 2013


Sweet video! i really like your tricks

You’re so good, I’m just waiting to see what team picks you up in the future :wink:

Gosh every video you get better by like 110% :wink:

Awesome. Subscribed.

Awesome! I see sponsorship in your future…

The angle that was shot at was perfect. I could see all the different layering of strings. I wish I could throw that smooth, like butter… Make some more video’s. I’d like to see what else you got

Wow that was great…

Great tricks, so smooth. The song fit really well, and the camera angle was perfect.

Wow, thanks for the kind words everyone. It means a ton!

You are too cute, haha how old are you?

14 years old. my birthday’s September 28.

Yours and Ryan Mcdonnell’s videos are some of the first ones I watched when I was getting into this whole yoyo thing. Just wanted to share haha

I’m 16 and I do believe you are much better than me.

Check out a video of mine perhaps?

That’s awesome! How long have you been throwing? I’ve seen your videos. Your really smooth.

Started back up in October. Before then I threw a bit in middle school, but that was like 8 years ago. Farthest I got was trapeze/double or nothing. Learning out of books was hard haha

But yeah, I was reading up on brands, and you guys came up when I was looking at CLYW stuffs

That’s so chill! :smiley:

Dude! You’ve been one of my yoyo role models for a while! So smooth! I wish I was that good!

Have you seen my videos?

Thanks man! That means a lot. Don’t worry, you’ll get good! It takes time and patience. I’d love to see a video. Link???

Loved it. Great video dude!