My story of yoyoing


We’ll to start off I’ve been yoyoing for about 1 year. Im getting better from time to time. Learning new tricks everyday and just having fun. I actually started yoyoing when I was the age of 16 (current age 17). I had a cheap no brand fixed axel yoyo and I started watching yoyo tricks on the computer. The first trick I learn was trapeze on a fixed axel yoyo. You’ve should of seen it took me about 4 hours to land it. Specially because it had a small gap. Now from there I went to toys r us and bought be a yoyofactory velocity(it was kind of embarrassing because the cashier look at me like why is this 16 year old buying a toy)and from their I started learning more intermediate tricks. I actually skipped beginner tricks becuase I thought it was boring. Then I was in the advance section. I got my first metal yoyo. The shutter. I really like the shutter it had a whole different feeling compared to plastic yoyo. But when it came to the advance section my yoyo survive a beating and I new these tricks took me to whole new level. My shutter Is really beat up. My next throw is too hot which is great yoyo for the price. Now that I had my second throw I was done with learning the advance section. Now I’m learning a lot of different tricks more technical. My current throw is the rally which is a yoyo that I really yea that my story and that why I’m out here yoyoing. Tell us your story? By the way check out my youtube channel