Yoyo stories

Everyone has that story about how they got into yoyos, or a cool event that happened because of their yoyos, so lets hear yours guys!

I picked up a yoyo, then threw it 8)

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That was actually pretty accurate hahaha

I got beat up by a bunch of dudes with OneDrops…they beat up a girl

I had a dream i had gotten a yoyo from a store (this dream was completely random, i hadnt thought about yoyos since i was 10). So the next day i started looking up what the yoyo scene was like today and saw 1a an all the different styles and especially loved marcus koh’s worlds performance. Ever since then (3 months ago), ive been hooked! And loving every minute of throwing :), what an amazing hobby and stress reliever!

One day on a vacation my mom wanted to go bum around some shops downtown. So, we went into a toy store, a yoyo caught my eye, and I bought it. I messed around with it, but I really didn’t know how to use a yoyo or anything about “modern” yoyoing, so I was only doing basic tricks like rock the baby and such. I thought I was so good at it ;D. I stopped yoyoing for a while, but then a couple years later I was in school, getting books out of my locker and I heard what sounded like a yoyo in the hall. That got me thinking about my yoyo so I went home, pulled it out, and started throwing again. Curious, I looked yoyos up online and found out what yoyos could really do. I Bought some modern yoyos shortly after that and haven’t stopped since.

I went to a country store. Found a fixed axle looper. Bought it. Used it. Broke it.
Then I gave up for a while. I was searching through the internet and found the Duncan Metal Drifter… I bought it… And my journey began.

That was shortened.

One time (last week) I got hit in the forehead with my genesis it still hurts…

Bought a Duncan Mosquito at Wal-Mart. Broke it. Then bought a Lyn Fury. Sucked but I kept trying, here I am now.

A fun story, at least for me. Last weekend I was down at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to go ride some rides, mainly the classic/historic Giant Dipper (needed to get my coaster fix before my local park opens). When packing up my camera and stuff to take with me down there, I figured to myself, ‘why not take a yoyo down there? Santa Cruz seems to be the perfect place to throw!’ and decided to take my Avant Garde along. In line for the Giant Dipper coaster I noticed one of the ride operators (who was checking restraints) playing with a yoyo, doing up and down. Of course that gave me the urge to pull out the Avant Garde in line. My friends that were with me (coaster enthusiasts) had never really seen me yoyo before so they were watching me, and I let them ‘thumb grind’ after throwing a sleeper. After my ride, while I was in site of the ride operator, I decided to pull out the Avant Garde again and…yup, walked the dog as I was exiting the station. So yea, that’s my story and now my Avant Garde has a nice little scratch but I knew where it came from (being my favorite wooden coaster).

When I was really little a yoyo craze hit my school. I bought an imperial and a few Henrys. Then I have up. Here I am now, at it again, with a Superwide and a Desperado, doing elihops and whip binds :wink:

My brother used to play in the last yoyo boom, where he played with a viper from henrys. Since he played it made me want to play, but I could never afford one. But in December of 2011 my father bought my sister and I each a maverick. I learned the basics and a little intermediate untill my strings broke. While I was trying to get my parents to order me new strings my sister gave up on yoyoing. When I got new strings I learned most of intermediate and a little of advanced 1. But I recieved a Dark magic 2 from my father to overcome the greatest challenge for me, split bottom mount. After hours of practice I transitioned to unresponsiveness and learned to bind properly and do the split bottom mount. This mount opened an opportunity for me to achieve a new level of yoyoing. I then learned the rest of intermediate and advanced 1, then part of advanced 2.

During a lot of this I got most of my friends into yoyoing, who now a have gave up on this amazing hobby. Two of them wanted me to join them in the talent show for our school in yoyoing, I said yes. At this point I have been eyeing the supernova and since the talent show was coming up I decided to save my money as much as possible to obtain it. 2 weeks before the show my supernova was in a little box in my mailbox. I became overjoyed to see it. I played with it nonstop. Then the talent show came and we had a lot of fun. After that I wanted to make my show next year even better, so I’ve been playing since too learn more and harness greater skills in the art of yoyo.

On another note, this is the longest post I’ve written on these forums. I am sorry if I made any grammar mistakes.

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Today my Dark Magic II hit me in the jaw…twice:P

I got a good story for you guys. So I finally mustered the courage to bring my yoyo to school, not because I don’t want people to think I’m a loser, but more I don’t want to hear the awful "CAN YOU WALK THE DOG?"Anyway, I was trying to teach my friend with an old 201 I carried around along with me and a teacher came by and asked if I can do Split The Atom. I said no, because I glossed over that trick, and he seemed pretty dissapointed. But I learned one of the teachers at my school used to be a yoyo teacher, and that he hasn’t played for like 10 years. He looked at my norhtstar and told me to buy a butterfly XT, talk about old!