My brother made another video!

And here it is:


Lotsa fun to watch, especially someone so young already throwing!

How long has the bro been throwing?

Around a year.

I lol’d at some of the changes in facial expression during the vid. Anyway, that’s pretty impressive. I’ve been yoyoing for 3 years and I can’t do much more than that. (I’m kind of a slow learner when it comes to yoyo tricks.)

thats very good, i learnt yoyo last year until now i am learning master tricks and 5a

your bro is pretty good, he’s got a wicked seroius face to start then when he slips up the expression is funny as.

what is that yoyo

Its a Gung-Fu.

Great video, tricks were pretty good for a years worth of throwing.



Awesome video though. Your brother is incredible for his age.

Oh snap!! I totally didn’t realize that till now. Fixed.

awesome vid!!! i see you finally got your gung-fu

i really liked the matador trick :]

…i just started 2 months ago. still in advanced 1… dont yoyo that much though

i v been yoyoing for bout 6 months and i am almost as good as him. nice gung fu too

lol. dude, keep t him making more!

I love the epic serious faces after every trick. haha

Wow that is awesome! I want a Gung-Fu so bad! How old is he?

He’s 9.