M1: My cousin (9 yrs old) and I yoyoing

Watch in HD.


Both very good! Cut his string though :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I Really liked that,
Btw: the string looks taller than him :wink:

Nice, keep throwing!

Happy Thrwing! =]

Even with long string it was smooth.

How long has your little bro been yoyoing?
That was quite good. :smiley:

That was awesome how long have you both been yoyoing?

wow that was pretty sick im jelous >.>. what was that trick at :25? were the yoyo kept wrapping around your finger and stuff that looked cool

That trick was a braintwister combo, Ive been yoyoing for a year and 5 months and hes been yoyoing for about a year.

Could you throw me a link to a place i could learn that combo?

There really isn’t a place, because a braintwister combo is just kind of that thing he did, but there is no single basic variation of it.

Oh… just relized…

That was my M1!! I am amazing…