how long?

how long have you been yo-yoing and what are your favorite tricks/Combos. iv been yoyoing for 8 months now and my favorite tricks is gyro flop and hop scotch. i mad hop scotch by the way. later and remember keep it spinning.

I really havent been yoing that long only about three months

I’ve been at it for about 4 months or so (not counting my rock the baby days in middle school). Currently my favorite tricks are Kwijibo, And Whut, Boingy Boing, and Poppin’ Fresh.

I’m learning Ladder escape, I got the mount down real nice, just working on the other elements. Don’t have a whole lot of combos planned, or that I can really say that I like, I just fool around. I need to learn alot more before I do any sort of routine.

Ive been yoyoing for fun for about 3 months, ive been yoyoing seriously about 2 months. Favorite trigcks that I can do are: Matrix and Atomic Bomb.

I’ve been yoyoing for about 2 months. My favorite tricks are: Boingy Boing, And Whut, Spirit Bomb, Superman, Eli Hops, and Ladder Escape.

YoYoing for about 8 monthes, but seriously for about 5 monthes. My favorite tricks are lacerations, with string tricks put into it.

now are all those tricks that you can do? Mitchell said he could do master tricks at two months. just wondering because iv been yoing for 8 months and can’t do those yet. If you can great job wish i could do em.

12 months

I guess I’ve been at it seriously more like 4-5 Months. I can do my favorite tricks listed, but I also have trouble with lesser ones as well… I have trouble with atomic bomb, it just doesn’t look right or smooth.

Been throwing since early 07.

throwing-6 months
fave trick/combo-ladder escape or brent stole (i can do them both)

I’ve been yoyoing for about 3 mounths or so. My favorite tricks are: Gyro Flop, I think the wrist mount looks so cool, and string combos. I hope to learn superman i think it is the coolest trick.