My yo-yo video

I’ve ben yo-yoing for 2months. How am 1 for a 11 year old kid that’s ben yo-yoing for 2months?

not bad for a first video for someone who has been yoing for two months. ;D

Nice Video! I’ve been yoyoing for about two months and you kick my butt!

Is that your M1 you are using? How do you like it?

Yup. It’s a M1. It’s really nice. Tho, i’m saving up for a MarkMont. I’m almost there. 10 more bucks!

Nice Job!!! I have been yo yoing for about a month now, and I am finally just getting brain twister down.  I envy your accomplishments.  I only get about 4 hours a week to practice, but I am enjoying it.  How many hours do you think you spent practicing in the last 2 months.  Just curious…Keep it up!

Well, i don’t yo-yo in the morning. after school mabye for 2-3 or 4 hours everyday. on weekends whenever i can. :wink:
Keep working on briantwister. It’s a really good trick.

Good luck with the MarkMont. I have a regular Project and it is sweet. I am not really good enough to use it that well, but I can see that it is really nice. I think the MarkMont is probably a bit better due to the additional weight and wider gap…

i present to you, the oldest yoyo video on yye.

I present to you, NECRO!