In Memorium...

Mr. Harvey Lowe

October the 30th, of 1918 - March the 12th, of 2009

This man taught yoyo tricks to King Edward VIII when he was still a prince. :wink:

Harvey, people were still talking about you up to the day you passed on. Every time someone mentioned heading up to Vancouver, it always seem followed by “yeah, I’m gonna try to meet Harvey Lowe.”

Rest In Peace.

Rest in Peace Harvey

Rest in Peace fellow Canadian.


That B-day party i had will also be dedicated to you.

rest in peace Harvey… you and your yo-yo’s. I have this one video with the Smothers Brothers yo-yo video segement and there is an extra section in it with him doing some 1A and 2A tricks. you will be missed Harvey.

Moment of silence for the original World Champion.