Yoyo jokes!


If it wasn’t for me bumping this thread people wouldn’t have posted anything in this thread in the past 2 weeks. :wink:
so basically…I win the battle. :wink:
Hand over the popcorn…


No, it was a yoyo battle xD


The battle we are talking about is way more fun



Yoyo joke:

Why’d the chicken cross the road?

To get to the DS PRIDE!!!

(Erik Kerber ) #90

Why did the rabbit clime the mountain

so he could get to the summit ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


why’d the chicken cross the road??.. To get to the yoyo store on the other side!!! :smiley: thank you , thank you, I’ll be here all week


This thread is full of poo, we should leave before these bad jokes go into overdrive. Seriously? You must all be some sort of doublejokers to make ill vibe puns like this. Im a jokester, pure funny and designed to inspire. Im a classic comic, greatness is my destiny, blowing away the comedic world like a meteor. If you’ve got a fever for my jokes, you gotta go big if you wanna be my reversed kickside on my journey, maybe if you’re lucky you can even be my legacy. I’m an epic comedian, the juggernaut of all, the number one


Why is when everyone see Gentry Stein they go quiet?

Because he always brings a shutter into the room!

(kclejeune) #94

Yoyoers who don’t spell “whine” correctly

(Erik Kerber ) #95

Why did i go to thearctic circle

so i could see a yeti]

hahahahahh ;D ;D ;D ;D


What happened to Eric Koloski in a desert?

He came across a Diamondback!

(Rimshot, all the people in the Yo-Yo club leave, feeling bad about their Diamondbacks, knowing that it bares a joke like that. Horrible. And yes, I know I use way to many commas in a sentence :wink: )

(ChrisFrancz) #97

A yoyo was sitting at a bar and after drinking too much he stood up and started spinning.

(Okay, that was cheesy but I made it up myself.)

Make up an original joke and post it here.

(????????? ??????) #98

Evan Nagao is such a show off. He acts way too EDGY. He goes BEYOND my personal limit. Evan is a total MONSTER

(ChrisFrancz) #99

A blonde was performing an awesome yoyo trick when a person walks up and asks “what’s that trick called?” The blonde with the yoyo then says “I don’t know any tricks, I’m not a magician.” (by Chris Francz)

(????????? ??????) #100

I could do this all day.


I found these!

A bee stuck to a yo-yo.

Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I’m a yo-yo.
Are you stringing me along?

What did the one yoyo say to the other yoyo when he saw him?

Why did the yoyo cross the street?
Because it was walking the dog.

(ChrisFrancz) #102

Two yoyos were walking through a park when one became deathly afraid because it saw a child with a butterfly catcher. (by Chris Francz)

(Tyler) #103

Why did the yoyo scream every time he was thrown? Because he’s only hanging on by a thread


So, I suppose, we need a WEDGE to drive the MONSTER away :smile: