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We will make bad jokes/puns relating to yoyos. I’ll start:

Which yoyo is easiest to call? The Speed Dial! :smiley:

Oh yeah and bad jokes will be PUNished. ;D

Why did the chicken cross the road? To buy a 5 star!

Why did the chicken die? Because he had a mighty flea on his back and never bought K-9 advantage!

(Your joke should be punished! lol! sarcasm)

this one is lame. why did the chicken stop at a cliff? to PEAK down! lol

what should you use for a gun? A M1!

What’s the best way to get rid of other yoyoers at a yoyo comtest? A Hitman!

Why are One-Drop yoyos more manly then us? Because they have 10balls…


Dont pick up hitch hiking yo-yos, it could be an X-convict

HAHA I started actually laughing out loud when I saw this!

How do people now a days execute people? Using DBYY.

What’s the cheeseist movie in the world? Markmonty Python

What do people say about drugs? Its the addiction.

Why did the yoyo fall down? Becuz the Gravity Pulled! :smiley:

Sorry running out of jokes…

What was the greatest battle ever? Shark vs Zombie Beaver

Why couldn’t the man help? His amount of free hands was 0.

What Happens when you combine a half of the yoyo Cream and a half of the yoyo Milk? Half and Half

Why was the wizard banned from the world? He was a Pyro and was using Dark Magic.

Why did the scientists gether in the night?

They wanted to watch the Meteor :smiley:

Why did the Line Rider go into the sky? To find his Skyline! ;D

(That wasn’t very funny.)

This is the only funny thing in this thread.

I think they are all funny. Very clever. Wish I could think of one.

Why is this joke about to suck? Because Samad thought of it haha jk love the 10 ball one!

im usually good at regular jokes but puns arent my thing so here it goes. Why didnt the yoyoer get his allowance? His mom didnt like his method of walking the dog.

What did the rapper say after he learned a new trick? Yo Yo!

I’m an Octophobic. During my 8th Birthday, my mom got me that yo-yo I’ve always wanted:

“Happy Birthday! Here’s your eight8eight!”
“Ahh! The Number eight is Evil!”
“No it’s Good.”

“Doctor! I got a yo-yo injury”
“What is it?”
“A Cut”
“Ok, so what yo-yo did you get injured with?”

What kind of martial arts do yoyoers practice?