Yoyo jokes!


Lemme start this.

What is jensen kimmits favorite civil war newspaper?

The northstar! HAHAHAAH!


Okay, here’s one.

Why doesn’t anybody ever try to assassinate Johnnie DelValle?

Because he always has a hitman in his pocket, while the X-Convict watches over him from the shelf.


What did Gary Longoria say to Hironori when Gary got 1st place in 1999?

Hey, ya look a bit Seasick there, pal.


What did Doc Pop say to Daniel Ickler?

Looks like a lot of Hoopla has been about since I retired.

(This one is a tad obscure, ask Zammy when ya can.)


Why did Steve Brown take his arm out the garbage can?

He felt he needed a Freehand!

(Not hating, I love Duncan. but…yeah.)


Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. Not to get a yoyo; because it doesn’t have fingers.

Q. What did Albert Einstein say when he had an unpleasant experience with a yoyo falling on his head?
A. "Newton! You foiled me again!


oo, you are good, you. I like.


…and always has his finger on the Trigger and nabs the Eneme…

(Chase Baxter) #9

I was going to tell a yoyo joke but I couldn’t come up with one.


You’re the CHIEF of yo-yo puns.


I was going to tell one but there would be no response.

(SlimJoe) #12

Selling cheap yoyos!

No strings attached!


I would tell a yoyo joke, but it would be very slippy.


I don’t have enough bearings to write one. :-\


These puns are a smooth move, hope they don’t cause tension in this thread.


Good joke, but Jensen currently hates the Northstar.

Not completely, but he has a bad attitude against YYF.


I am QUITE aware haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok lol. So I’m guessing you know all about what happened between him and Tyler Severence and all that Jazz?


Dude, It’s been known. AND PWEASE TRY TO STAY ON TOPIC!

I was thinking of an old Alchemy joke, but that might cause people to huff and puff at me.

Lol, sorry, had to. xD


Yoyoing is pretty cool, but it has its ups and downs.