Yoyo jokes!


Wht did the 2A player say to the 1A player when they were about to fight?

“It takes TWO to tangle!”



What did the News Station Anchor say when Ben Conde ran for President?

Well, his campaign was a bit off at first, but I am sure he can whip back into it!

(WildCat23) #26

I was going to tell a joke about bearings, but it wasn’t clean.


I’m having a hard time bearing all these punny jokes!


Oh lol, I see where you were going with that…


I saw it too.

SO, I was throwing some 4A, and I had a thought, and stopped for a second to think about life, it’s meanings… And then it hit me.


I love my 4A yoyo so much, my love for it comes with no strings attached.



AHH, I see what you, wait…I dotn get it…xD JK


What was the first thing One Drop said when they successfully designed their Second yo-yo?



Q:What is Jensen’s gramma special sandwich?
A:The gramma kimmitt sandwich


Q:What is Iyoyo58 favorite jam


What is a yoyoers favorite thing to eat? A banana turnover.


I got myself some Smooth Moves. Yeah.


What is Popeye’s favorite yo-yo?

the Monkey Fist.


You know me so well :’)


“I’m fishing for some barracuda”- Duncan


A. What’s Ben conde’s favorite movie.
B. no strings attached!!!


You kind of copied my joke…


And you copied my name, so hush.


What did Duncan say to their favorite team member?

You have been making our jaws drop to the Flores with you’re progress.


I think the with a tiny bit of alteration I can use this one in the future. :smiley:
Hope you don’t mind.