Yoyo jokes!


K, guys, let’s be honest, none of these jokes are TOP SECRET INFORMATION that the government has rights or anything, use them as you want. If we truly wanted people to not use them or “Kind of copy” them, then we shouldn’t post them here, ON A PUBLIC BOARD AND FORUM. Sorry, the intent of this thread was when myself and supbreh were being dork on the IRC ant telling jokes.
It’s meant to be fun, not cutthroat hardcore Corporate Shark like. That’s partly why I dislike current comps and all, they lost their fun as a whole. We post them here, they are free ware, in a sense. That and I couldn’t think of a better phrase, it is the internet. Don’t be rude, and Let’s have some fun, or you will feel the wrath of my Lacerations. Got it? Kool.


What about a Crucial Cupcake?


My mom has vibe


What? … Were you trying to bump this thread with a joke?

Well, I don’t get the joke, but I am super glad that you bumped this thread! It was SOOO much fun to read!

You rock for making this thread, supbreh!

Sadly, I don’t have a joke…but I will be thinking.


Ok, I’ve got one. And I am posting this like a couple minutes after my last reply, so don’t expect it to be good.

Q: What is Albert Einstein’s signature yoyo?

A: The YYJ Theory.

I know, I know, pretty cheesy…


lol jk about my mom having vibe.
My eyes are B grade because I wear contact lenses (they are defective!!!) :wink:


I opened the fridge to find Rancid Milk.

The Raptor swoops down and grabs a Barracuda,
When a Screaming Eagle yells FLYING PANDA 6 o clock!


All of these jokes are PHENOM-INAL!


Oh the irony in this thread.

I wish we would all just take a minute to think about what a bad decision this thread is.

This is going to be a trainwreck


do you have a vendetta against puns? It’s not dark magic, it takes real skeel to pull these off :wink:


The CHIEF went to the mountains to get to the PEAK and then an AVALANCHE happened. :wink:

(kclejeune) #56

He was almost at the summit and got eaten by a yeti…


The YETI’s stomach was like a CANVAS, the yeti had also eaten TWO FAT LADIES, and he had to pull a CODE 1 to get out. For those who don’t know, a code one, also known as a code 2, is a hatrick.


Using my string, I strangled a Hitman Pro until he was out of Oxygène. Not much of a SPYY, was he?
I then mixed some chemicals together in order to blow the place up, and my batch was so potent all it took was One Drop and the Fat Lady sang. I got a little bit of a Burnside due to me not escaping fast enough.


I have two jokes:

Q. What did the yoyoer say when he got punched by a boxer?
A. Ooch

Q. What does Gentry Stein call is favorite way of jumping on a trampoline?
A. The Gyroscopic Flop


Then he could finally get to the top of the CLIFF just in time to grab the GLACIER EXPRESS back down.
All of a sudden, A bear came out of the woods and attacked the man. This began the BEAR vs. MAN war. Fortunately, there was a majestic PUFFIN that saved the man.


But sadly, as the bird flew you over the ARCTIC CIRCLE, an evil GNARWHAL jumped out of the sea and used his terrible magic horn to pierce both you and the bird straight through the stomach. And you died. (Duh.)

We are out of CLYW throws to use. Thus…



You can’t just end it there. Who said it had to be just CLYW throws? We can use any throws we want. Hmmph.


Well, sorry, LOL. I guess that I assumed that since it started all CLYW, it should end all CLYW. You were the only one who decided to throw other brands in the mix.

Do make a sequel if you would like. LOL.

BTW, I got a joke.

Q: What is YYF’s favorite book of the Bible?

A: Genesis.

I know, I know, that one was super cheesy too.


nope the snipe then saved him last minute… The end :slight_smile: