YoYo Jokes Thread

So I made this thread to let people share yoyo jokes! Yep. That’s about it.

Who’s first?

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Well…no one wants to joke about yoyos, because they are so cool. Who wants to humiliate something that’s awesome

I mean jokes only yoyoers would understand

Oh ok

There are already many of these threads.

well… here you go


velvet rolls dont actually feel like velvet

green triangles are not always green

walk the dog makes your yoyo smoother, try it!

offstring is a great idea if you are on a tightrope with your MIB Rainfly

and finally…

mickey yoyos so slowly, he breaks physics

Necroposting here instead of making a new thread. This one just hit me and I have no one to tell it to, because it’s not only for throwers, but also pretty exclusive to this specific forum. I wanted to reply to someone on here with it, but I’m not that guy. It’s a one-liner. Requires a view of my profile.

“You remind me of my favorite yo-yo.”

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