The number one most annoying thing non yoyoers will tell you

When you unscrew you yoyo after you get a knot they will say. WHY ARE YOU BREAKING YOUR YOYO, then I respond, IT UNSCREWS!!! >:(

What annoying things have non yoyoers said to you

yeh…i think I’ve had actual yoyo’ers tell me the same thing…

Honestly, those questions don’t really bother me. They used to, but to me, it shows interest. In this small community, every new member counts.

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Yep, the older you get the more things you’ll allow to just roll off your back, and realize it’s really not a big deal, just let it go and remember to breath, it’ll be ok :slight_smile:

“Do Walk The Dog!” ???

I wouldn’t mind any of these questions. Most people are just interested or trying to make small talk.

they ask why my yoyo spins so long and i tell them it has a ball bearing in it… then they say cheater and walk away.

they don’t really bother me i just find it as a side effect of yoyoing in public.

Bro, this is a great conversation piece. It is so true…If I can think of 1 annoying thing since getting my Torque. “Does it have a motor in it?” … “Does it use magnets?” … “Is it electronic?” … “Is that a Cheater Yo-Yo?”

And Yes, I have been asked whether my Yo-Yo is a Cheater Yo-Yo as well. Now Cheater Amplifiers, I do use those but that is a different Hobby.

funny how a thread like this is made very few months.;topicseen

and for old times sake…

Wait you have a yo-yo that unscrews?? Which one? Where did you get it???

It’s really annoying when they ask to try your yoyo then they run away to sell it on the black market.

Oh that’s not a REAL yoyo, it’s a trick yoyo so the tricks are easy.
I think I had a brain aneurysm from sheer ignorance

Or how about when your neighbor says, “Oh you got a NEW one?..Again and Already?” PSSH! Like I didn’t have 500 Yo-Yo’s already. ::slight_smile:

Well to be fair, it is MUCH harder with a fixed axle… :slight_smile:

yes!!! that and “i have that exact same yoyo!” they mean a butterfly. i am using my clyw puffin. lol

Oh I know, that must be really frustrating. Just who do those non Yo-Yoing people think they are?

Comparing your CLYW to a Duncan Butterfly.


Most annoying thing a non yoyoer has told me:

Yoyoers are annoying! Oh wait it’s not the non yoyoers complaining about the yoyoers, it’s always the yoyoers…

I know that it’s hard to believe that people don’t know the difference between your fancy yoyo and the old standards, but then again I don’t know about a lot of things. I guess we all annoy someone.

In fact this type of thread annoys me, and I annoy myself for being annoyed by threads like this, and I find it annoying that we always talk about being annoyed, it’s just so annoying! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seemed proper to try to annoy you all since you like being annoyed. Annoyed? :smiley:

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That is the worst