Funny Question

When I yoyo in public of course I get asked a lot of questions but by far the funniest is “Is that a motorized yoyo?” Does this happen to anybody else? And how do you answer it?

Me and my friend go this girl to believe that inside the yoyo the bearing is a “Micro Motor” and when she tried my friends yoyo the bearing rsn dry and started getting loud and we told her the micro motor broke and it was going to cost around $50 to replace.

She still thinks theres a motor inside our yoyos.


I actually somehow haven’t gotten asked that before.
But I would just explain that it uses a ball bearing. Or troll the person like M.DeV1.

A kid in my neighborhood has once tell me: <>.

Haha i get asked that all the time

Yeah I hear this alot. I think people have trouble believing that what were doing is possible and try to justify it with technology.

I blame star trek.

I’ve gotten asked that and normally then offer to them to try it. They normally then take back the comment ;D

Seriously, jnaphor?..

Well, BACK ON TOPIC. I have been asked this before, and I usually just explain that the yoyo uses a ball bearing. The most frustrating part is when they then call you a cheater, and say, well I bet you can’t do that on a REAL YOYO! I think I’m going to take a page out of Miggy’s book and just learn to shred on a fixed axle…

Or the easier route— Troll them Dev1 style. 8)

…I really do need to get a fixed axle though…

Sometimes when I do counterweight in the streets some people pass near me and I hear them whispering “what the hell is that thing?”

I am now getting people telling me that’s not a real yoyo.

I tell them “yes, it is a real yoyo”.

They usually respond with “No, it isn’t/”

I usually then thank them for their expertise on the topic and move on.

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I’m trying to get my brother into the hobby. He keeps telling me stuff when miss a trick like “your string is too long” “your yoyo is too light”
It gets pretty annoying when people try to be yoyo expert even if there best trick is gravity pull

Or better yet, take a page out of Drew’s book. Or Ed’s book.

How about when their best trick is being annoying and can’t even use a yoyo?

The other day, I was playing and this kid kept trying to smack the yoyo. I told him to not do that. He wouldn’t stop. I told him again to not do that because it will hurt, and I know it will hurt because I’ve gotten hit several times with a yoyo and it hurts. Even moving away from the kid, he’s still trying to smack the yoyo. I reminded him again that he shouldn’t do that because either he will get hurt or I will get hurt, or possibly both of us will get hurt.

Fortunately, he didn’t learn the hard way, and also, I didn’t get popped either. Of course, today is another day and I’m not expecting a miracle. Let me clarify: he was picked up by his parental unit before he could make contact and we all find out what would have happened next.

I get that a lot too

I used to get that all the time. Now people have pretty much accepted that I’m actually just good at yoyoing.

I was at my kids’ swim lesson playing/killing time and the other parental unit I was sharing the table with asked “how does it spin so long?”

I get that question a lot. I just explain that it has a ball bearing inside. Sometimes people want to see, so I’ll take a yoyo apart to show them. I also usually add that “the better you can throw the yoyo, the longer the spin times will be” I once had a person want to try and they didn’t do so good, so I have to explain that even if your yoyo will spin a long time, it doesn’t mean you will be able to have it spin a long time right away.

I have before. I have also been asked if the yoyos I buy or programmed to do certain tricks. :slight_smile: Well, yes, but not exactly like they think.

I usually answer by (depending on which yoyo I am throwing) let them throw it to see for themselves that it is not.


I am dying right now.

I have seriously got to try that some time with my Surge. It is kind of loud.

You want loud? Get a Trigger or a Protostar. The Trigger is louder.

Carry a tiny toy gas gan with you to “fill it” before you start playing just to mess with them. Then if you can do a pull start…

Sometimes people don’t even know the existence of unresponsive yoyos so I always have on me my bumblebee when some one wants to try it.

They asked me if I know how to “walk the dog”. AND then I walk away in silence.