Funny Question

Happens to me. :smiley:

“It’s because the motor is making it spin isn’t it.”

hand them yoyo

“Throw it.”

Spins out and dies

“No motor.”

Hendy, Miggy is good on fixed axle! I’d be happy to take a page out of his book. Come to think of it… where Miggy at?

I’ve been asked before. It only takes a second to screw apart a yoyo and show them the ball bearing. Most people aren’t indignant, they just say, “Oh, cool! That sure is different from when I was a kid!” It’s not like the skeptical people don’t have a point, though: “Pfff… that makes it easy!” they say.

“You got that right!” I usually reply, cheerfully. “Wouldn’t be able to do most of these tricks otherwise!”

They certainly didn’t create enormous catch zones, push weight distribution for stability, or create unresponsive play in the name of upping the challenge level after all.


All my yoyos are powered by not so finely tuned motor-skills.

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Ive bin asked if my yoyo was electic maby once but not alot

I usualy get asked if im using a duncan yoyo

People always ask me too do walk to dog
And when I do around the neck tricks the people always say “You’re gonna choke yourself!”

Thats never happend to me

This past week, I’ve been bombarded with disrespectful 1st Graders.

When they’ve discovered that I’m not going to give them a yoyo. They get angry. I tell them “ask your parents if they will get you a yoyo”. So, now apparently they’ve gotten permission from their parents to get a yoyo. So, now they are saying “my mom/dad said I can get a yoyo”, as if now that they have permission to get a yoyo, I’m supposed to hand one over. That too has failed. I said that if they want a yoyo, their parent will need to BUY them a yoyo.

Telling them that their parent must BUY them a yoyo was interpreted as “you can sell me one”. I’ve said repeatedly I will not BUY them a yoyo. I don’t want involvement in the process. I don’t want any responsibility. Then to explain to kids that this $10 yoyo is gonna cost them close to $16 because of this thing called “shipping”, well, I might as well be talking to a pile of bricks.

So, now they are back to “give me a yoyo”.

What really frustrates the crap out of them, much to my amusement(sorry) is that when my son is released from his class, he comes over to me and I routinely hand him a yoyo. Those 1st graders get angry. “Why did you give him a yoyo?” Uh, because it’s my kid.
“Give me a yoyo then”. No, you’re not my kid, and plus you’re extremely rude and disrespectful.
I tell them if they want a yoyo, they need to have their parents buy one. I usually get “but we’re a kid, we don’t have any money”, and I simply respond that it’s their parents’ decision if you should get a yoyo or not, not mine. One kid tried to say “Why you getting up in my business?” I said “What your parents decide is how it needs to be.”

Now the trend is “will that yoyo hurt?”. My answer is most often “yes, if he hits you, there’s a good chance it can hurt you.” I also tell them that I’ve been hit a few times and have gotten hurt. I tell them that you have to be careful, but even so, sometimes something bad can happen. Fortunately, one kid asked this and then asked “where did you get hit” and I got a snag and the yoyo did a bind on me and smacked me in the knuckles and, well, that hurt. I said “did you see that? I got a snag and it hit me in the hand and that hurt a lot”. He asked if that would hurt with a plastic yoyo, and I said “probably, but maybe not as much”.

I usually do looping on the walk to and from school, mostly since I find it easier to deal with on a walk than doing 1A or 5A. I was working on looping(not very well) and I heard “oh, those yoyos don’t hurt” and I said “they can hurt if you get hit with one of them”, to which the kid moved in closer as if to see for himself. I was doing left hand inside loops and I messed up anyways(common) and just brought the yoyo back and said “I need you to move back a bit so you don’t get hit with the yoyo, OK?” I got the typical “It’s OK” and I said “no,it’s not because you could get hurt and I don’t want you to get hurt. If I get hit, it’s OK, but if you get hit, that would be bad”. Fortunately, his friends pulled him back, but I was done with 2A for the moment and swapped out to a 1A yoyo, and the kid was “oh, that yoyo won’t hurt”, and I said “no, this one would hurt pretty bad if it hit you”. Then they are looking at the 4A yoyos hanging off my bag and said “Would those yoyos hurt” and I said that they could hurt. I showed them the rubber rims on the Go Big and said that the hard rubber rims can still hurt. I showed them the scratched up rims on the Fiesta XX and said “those rims are scratched up and the edges are kind of sharp, so it could also hurt you. They are all scratched up because it’s dropped on the ground a lot of times”.

I wonder what this week’s strange questions will be.

From parents, I usually get “my kid wants to get a yoyo like you have” and I usually say there is some really amazing stuff from $10-20 that I would recommend. If you have the time, I can tell you about them. Most are receptive to this, but most do not have the time.

I did run into the parent with the kid who dropped and destroyed a new Nintendo 3DSXL a while back. His kids now have iPads with cracked screens. I won’t even get my kid an iPad for the same reason. My kids destroyed their grandmother’s iPad(which she can’t use anyways) after being told they couldn’t even touch it. They smuggled it here, where I found it. Turns out they threw it, it hit the ground and you can see where the impact was. No way I’m spending that kind of money on them.

Yeah, I get “Is that a Duncan?” quite a bit. I understand this myself. When I was kid if it wasn’t a Duncan it wasn’t a real yo-yo! Honest.