My stock bearing of speedmaker doesn’t spin with the Yo-yo.

While the Yo-yo is only spinning, but the bearing is just doing nothing.

Yeah, IS it Normal?, I’m really just curious and wandering.

(Note: It has rust in the center of the bearing, does it affect)

It is normal.

If you think, the bearing isn’t supose to spin, but create less friction so the yoyo could spin.

Perfectly normal right?

Even to any other Yo-yo Paolo? (It also has the same thing), or Brand? (YYF, YYJ, Duncan etc.)

Yes, every yoyo’s working bearings don’t spin with the yoyos. If it does spin with the yoyo, then it will act like a fixed axle.

Happens to all my yoyos.

The bearing is technacly spinning, but its not noticable. The body of the yoyo spins, and the bearing helps there be little friction. So the body of the yoyo is making the bearing spin.

Yes, my explanation sucks, but I hope you get what I mean.

Okay, Thank you Louisezz, So here it goes, Can you tell & explain for me :smiley: What are those Fixed, Transaxle, Adjustable, I really don’t understand. :slight_smile:

Yes my bro Paolo, I understand what you’re sayin.

André explains it in the maitenence section:

For a fixed axle, the string is put onto the axle.

For transaxle, there is a plastic/rubber/metal sleeve on the axle. The string is put here. So, the sleeve can spin separately from the yoyo, so it spins longer, as the string is not rubbing against the axle.

For Ball bearing, there are balls between the transaxle and the yoyo. But there is a metal wall that separates the axle and the bearing, which is the bearing seat.

Thank you like a million times in both of you two! :slight_smile: