my friends hayabusa is when you throw the Yo-yo is only spinning, but the bearing is not! (it really doesn’t spin, I’ll upload a video), But it is all stock and the spacers is also stock :smiley:

What’s the problem?


thats weird probably theres something in the bearing try to put the bearing on another yoyo with the same size and if it continues to happen clean the bearing


There is no problem, that’s perfectly normal. The bearings in yo-yo’s are supposed to stay somewhat stationary (some more than others) while the yo-yo is spinning. Bearing yo-yo’s spin for a long time, because the bearings in them immensely reduce the amount of friction there is between the yo-yo and the string as opposed to, say, a fixed axle.


How bout I buy a new FHZ Iron (So All stock), Do you think it would be/have a same problem with hayabusa? (The bearing is not spinning but the Yo-yo is spinning)


Its not a problem, it is how it is meant to work. If the bearing was spinning, it would be someone like how a fixed axle works.


Can you flick spin the bearing? Does it at least move a little when flicked? If so, it’s just lubed and needs some breaking in. If there is resistance, there is hair in it.

But I’m sure you’re most likely seeing that it isn’t spinning because of what Iron said.

(Cinimod105) #7

Do you mean the bearing’s outer ring does not spin with the yoyo or the outer ring does not spin relative to the inner ring of the bearing?


Here it goes.

When I throw, the Yo-yo only spin, the bearing is just “Stand-by” :smiley:


Exactly, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

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exactly. it happens with nearly every yoyo.


Throw another yoyo you have that has a bearing. Look at the bearing. See? It’s doing the same thing.