i have a question that i cant really explain.

ok well i found out that when i put my bearing on my hitman and tighten it, i found out no matter how tight it is the bearing can like drop to the other side as if my yoyo wasnt tightnen enough.how do i fix this???


PS:-the bearing is a 10 ball if that affects anyhting

lol I don’t really understand. But don’t apply too much force on it, you might damage the bearing seat. It doesn’t affect play does it? The bearing is just switching sides right? I don’t think it matters much, don’t let it bother you.

BTW, I believe that this is what Noctu’s do, so that the yoyo spins longer, because the bearing isn’t actually attached. Its just rolling with the yoyo, so it can spin longer.

Yeah, if it’s simply switching sides it’s ok. All of my YYJs do that almost every time that I unscrew it and screw it back together again.

thats wat happened to my legacy but i think just the axle is switching thats wat happened to mine

Happens to my dv888, doesn’t matter.

Don’t worry, it is okay.

If it’s just switching sides, it’s fine.