Yoyo axle on the same side as bearing??

Hey guys, so today my Dv888 suddenly got louder after i screwed it back together because my string kind of knotted around the bearing, so I screwed it open and I saw that the axle was at the sime side as my bearing, usually on one side there’s the bearing and on the other there’s the axle, but now the axle is coming out of the bearing and on the other side there’s nothing, except for the hole where the axle used to be, how can I fix that? Is that a bad thing? Is that the reason it’s gotten so loud? I’m really worried because I got it only a few days ago. :-\

thats no prob my genesis and friends dv888 does that. its actually the bearing switching sides or both from the bearing seat being loose which is no prob

this doesnt do anything to your yoyo.

Your yoyo is fine. That’s really normal, and it has nothing to do with how loud your bearing is.

phew, thanks for the quick answer, so where do you think the noise is coming from? Bearing breaking in? Or do you think I’ll have to clean / lube / (or both) it? Althought that’d make me wondered, because I have it since I think 2 days and I didn’t play ALL day, maybe 2 hours a day max.

break in

unless the sound is effecting the play, then don’t worry.

well I don’t think it’s effecing play, or atl east I couldn’t notice a difference, but It’s really loud and annyoing, will it go away? Will it ever go as silent as it was from out of the box?

Put a drop of oil in the bearing if you want your yo-yo to be quieter.

Yes it will, it’s just the normal break in process of the bearing.

is it normal when the spin time decreases while it’s breaking in? Or at least I think it decreased…

edit: @mrcnja: I’ll try it out
edit2:… i think i did something wrong, I put a drop on the side on the shields and it didn’t really change anything so I guessed I had to put it on the bearing I think I used too much because now it will barely spin at all

Ignore it, it’s just the bearing.

You have to take off the shields and put the drop on the balls. There’s a sticky in this section on how to do it.