dv888 issue!

I need help with my dv888, the screw that holds the two main parts of the yoyo (bare with me, im not and expert) that goes through the bearing is unscrewing itself and going into the other side of the yoyo. This causes the yoyo to go quiet and stop spinning. This may be a simple fix but I have not found one. + I only got the yoyo today >:(

You’re saying the axle switches sides when you unscrew it? That shouldn’t effect play at all. Maybe there’s stuff in your bearing or your throw is off? How long does the bearing spin on a flick?

Just to let you know, it’s called an axle :wink:

Can you be more specific and/or show pics? It might help. What exactly do you mean? If it’s switching sides, it’s not a problem. If its going through the yo-yo, then you might want to put it back in the original position by using some sort of tool. I don’t see a reason for it to stop spinning though. How long have you been yo-yoing?

Easy fix. Get some teflon tape. Wrap a small amount around one side of the axle. thread it back into the half as even as you can get it using a hex (allen) wrench. Then add bearing and other half and problem solved.

I have been yoyoing for a few months now. The bearing isn’t spinning properly as well and when I unscrewed the yoyo the axil is always loose. Some times when I get lucky it will spin normally but then come back up automatically and there is nothing unusual that you could see with pics.

Was it purchased new? Sounds like the axel is not your biggest problem. Bearing may need cleaning or replacement. Seems like the axel may need to be gently snugged into one half with a hex key that fits well. Keep asking questions it will be solved here eventually.

Oh, one more thing I just noticed, sometimes I when I throw it, it spins normally and then the strings slips on the bearing and goes onto the edge. This is when it goes quiet and stops spinning

Nope, it’s new. just got it from yoyo expert.

By edge of bearing you mean…
If it is just getting closer to the response it is your throw. If it is getting in between the bearing and the yoyo you have issues with the yoyo itself (or a part such as axel or bearing). Is there anyone that knows more about yoyos you could bring it to?

sounds like string slippage.

Oh, I think I might know the problem. The answer: a hex key/allen wrench.

Ok, so I’m not entirely sure if this is the problem, but it was all that I could think of. Anyways, well, you said that the axle is loose. That’s not a problem, and all you need to do is tighten it snugly into one of the halves of the yo-yo with a hex key/allen wrench. However, for some reason, part of the axle gets “tight” or hard to screw in at a certain point (it has a tight tolerance). That’s why when you screw the yo-yo back together, the yo-yo doesn’t actually screw ALL the way. This causes a space to form between the yo-yo half and the bearing, which explains why your string slips in there. So yeah, just make sure the axle is snug into one of the yo-yo halves.

Alright guys, appreciate your help but I kinda gave up with the DV888, I will still try to fix it but have ordered and 888x, so hopefully that doesn’t screw up (excuse the pun :slight_smile: ).

Check these:

  1. Maybe your aren’t tightening it enough.
  2. maybe your axle is stripped
  3. it might be your bearing
    4.if id doesn’t work, i suggest buying a new YYF size C bearing, and/or a new axle

you’d rather just give up and buy a new one than put a little bit of effort into understanding and then fixing what sounds like a small technical problem. :-\

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