Major DV888 Problem Need Help!!!


I took my DV888 apart then screwed it back together and it didnt screw in all the way so I took apart again. I looked at the axle and it is crooked. I tried to unscrew the axle GENTLY but it didnt come out. Now the axle is stuck in half of the DV888 and the other side wont screw in all the way.

                          PLEASE HELP!!!

(TheBlackStar) #2

Try using pliers to get it out, and get a new axle.


Yeah. Not sure how you bent it but theres really no good way to get it back and even if you got it close, a little bit of a difference can really mess it up, so you’ll want to get a new one. If you don’t live near a yoyo store and have to order a new axle online, you can get some string or lube or a bearing or something else so that you don’t waste all that money on shipping.


You dont need to get a new axle. This has happened to me, just get some pliers and lightly screw it out. Try to pop it back in place before unscrewing. After you take it out, carefully screw it back normally, and slowly.


Thanks guys I finally got it out!


i know this is weird but i went through the same problem

this is crazy but if you mail me tht half i know exactly how to get it out without damaging it


did you read this


Glad you got it fixed, but in case anyone else has a similar problem: wrap the axle with something like the end of a dish towel (just the edge, one layer thick), and then grab with pliers - so you’ll have less chance of crushing the threads on the axle.


that happen to mine dont panic the nail thing is move able right so hold it so its in the middle and screw it back on it worked for me



I used tape instead of a dish towel.

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Wow seems like this is a common thing, even though its never happened to any of my 4 dv888’s lol


try to get the bearing out then unscrew the axle carefully


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