Dv888 Help?

Hey guys ive had my dv888 for about 2 weeks now… and i think i got a REALLY Weird one.
for one, the axle wont come out.( Maybe its in crooked ? ) 2, the bearing wont come out. Pliers? Tried. String trick? Tried. Ive even applied some thin lube and guess what? Its like Responsive if u tug it to your stomach height. Any way i can fix these problems?

Please stay away from swearing or using words that stand for swear words.

The axle might just be kind of tight. Get two nuts on it and tighten them against each other and grab both to take the axle out. The string trick should always work if you do it right. You might need to just send it to somebody to have them do it for you.

Didn’t you already make a topic on this?

No, i didnt. Soz for swearing. can u give me a link on the string trick? THanks

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