Dv888 is responsive


I just got a dv888. it worked great for 2 days. Now when i throw it something makes it stop. any help?

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  1. Check to make certain the string isn’t stuck between the bearing and the yo.
  2. Check the response system and make sure everything is as it should be.
  3. Take the bearing out and check the bearing seat. Make sure its clean.
  4. Check the bearing and see if its spinning freely. It may need cleaned.


its not spinning freely, but i cant get the bearing off. will it hurt the bearing to use pliers

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If the bearing is in the half with the axle you can gently take pliers and wiggle it back and forth to get it off. If you can remove the axle or the bearing is on the half without the axel, just get a 1/4" drill bit and put the end of the bit, that you would put in the drill, in the center of the bearing and wiggle it back and forth.

Since you haven’t had the bearing off, it’s not going to be the bearing seat. I’m guessing the bearing needs cleaned.

There are numerous threads on cleaning the bearing just use the search button. If you have difficulties or questions just ask.

The guys on this forum are awesome that way.