it used to spin smoothly but now there is a lot of vibe. it used to be very quiet but now it sounds like there is an electric sander on a string. i only had it since halloween :’(
is it broken or have i just truly broken it in. when i got it i never cleaned the bearing like how some people do. i just played with it for a while and in the middle of a trick, it went from quiet to a slight grinding sound. it got worse over the day. i finally decided to unscrew it and take a look. when i spun the bearing on the axle, about ever 360 degrees there would be a rough little snag. i think one of the balls inside the bearing is broken or something. if it truly is broken, i will replace it’s bearing for the bearing on my xcon (until i order a new one (maybe KK?)) but i also am having trouble taking the bearing out of both the dv and the xcon. GOD WONT SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

Its not broken. Just put in one small drop of thin lube in there, and play with it.

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to ake the bearing out you just need some kneedle nose pliers use the gap at the bottom to go around the bearing and wiggle it back and forth. i think u should get a kk for it.

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you sure? because it really feels like one ball its broken but i will try the thin lube

If you got a prob taking them out. Try getting a pair of slip joint pliers. garb onto the bearing with the grove in it and gently wiggle it. Should come right out. And yes like Samad said. Try some thin lube. works miraculously. Oh and hey guys… I’m back! later.

Keep it spinning™

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ok i did it! i lubed the bearing, which worked, but i also learned 1)how to take out a bearing, 2) that i actually had a needle nose pair of pliers and 3) i had lube. i lubed the bearings of all 3 of my good yoyos and exchanged the bearing for the xcon for the bearing on the DV, and it spins like new.
Thankyous all around!

oh and welcome back!

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