Hey guys, sorry to bother you about this again… You know how I asked about my dv888 yesterday? About the time I made that post I contacted Patrick Mittchel of YoYoFactory, and he said this:

“… Im very sorry about your DV888, it sounds like you just got a bad bearing.
This doesnt happen very often, but there a few here and there that go bad
after a couple of days …”

He also said he would replace my bearing for free. Thanks for your help yesterday guys, but I don’t think my dv888’s bearing is breaking in. It has been worsening since yesterday. He said he would mail me a new bearing, but I can’t take my problematic bearing off my dv888. How do you take it off? Can you? Is there a possibility that the yo-yo is defective as I see marks at the base of the axle. Thank you so much for your help.

Take the bearing off with pliers. Wiggle it off, and pull lightly at the same time.

Will it hurt the yoyo or the bearing?

noo wont hurt yoyo

No. It shouldn’t. Just use a ruber band or a paper towel to cover up the bearing while you are pulling. And yea, I have gotten a SPC bearing before and it was kind of defective like that. So you aren’t the only one.

pliers, dont use anything like wd40 that will make your yoyo responsive

And kill your bearing.

Thanks guys! I’ll have my da’s friend do it!

Sure thing. I’m always here to help. :wink: