Bearing problem?

cant seem to get the bearing out of my new dv888 so i can pop in the ceramic kk. help would be much appreciated THX!

You can use pliers. It is best to use a set that has a round hole in the center. Just grab the bearing with them and wiggle it off. If the bearing is not on the half with the axle you can use a smooth, round object, such as the back of a drill bit as pictured below, or you can use the string trick.

Use pliers and don’t try to pull it out but rather just wiggle. I had a REALLY TOUGH time getting it out when i first got my Dv888. It was like tough plus tough times tough to the power of tough. Eventually i got it out. Be careful though cas i scratched the yoyo a little. After, I put in a gray(thin) shim to keep it from being stuck.

If I cant get a bearing out I usually stick the half that has the bearing stuck in it into the freezer for about 5 mins then use a set of pliers. It works a treat every time and doesnt affect the bearing one bit.

tyler severance bearing removal works on any yoyo :]]