my bearing is stuck!

i just got a dv888 and bought a ceramic kk bearing. but the stock bearing on my dv888 is stuck!!! it spins fine getting really long sleepers but i cant get it off my yoyo![color=navy][/color]

worng section but thats ok, for the stuck stock bearing get a set of pliers that have the wire cuting section on them and use the circle area to grip the bearing, grip it fairly tight (dont worry you wont deform the bearing) hold the yoyo half still and while gripping the bearing move it from side to side not twist and the bearing should come free.

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What he said.

Also, you might try searching the forum for help. There are a ton of topics on this issue that can help you out.

thanks it worked. :smiley:

it always does, but as apetrunk said next time use the search function and in the case you can’t find what your question is make sure you post in the correct topic area like this topice should have been posted in the maitanence section, it just ensures that your questions are answered quickly and correctly and you don’t get told to move your thread.

I get someone to hold it and then I try to pry it off the yoyo with a plier… thats not a good idea though… lol.

Welcome to the forums! Just for future reference, he did say that he got his problem fixed so there was really no need for that post, but whatever. If you could try to remember that, that’d be great. :wink:


use needle nose pliers and use the circle in the middle :).

The bonus trick at the end is so cool. I watched the video so many times before just for the trick.