YYF DV888 unscrewing

Got the dv888 responsive version in post yesterdy been playing fine but every now and again its unscrewing after a few thows. Sometimes the string gets caught between side of yoyo and bearing and messing up the string and a couple of time it has come complety undone and had both sides drop on the floor. Im lucky im on carpet so no dings. I tighten up so it wont turn anymore but not super tight only until it stops turning. Is there anything i can do to stop it unscrewing?


Did it come with a smaller axle to swap in?

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No it came with the one inside

Definitely not good. It sounds like the halves are not being put together properly or that the axle is not screwed into the halves all the way. Can you post photos of it put together without the string on it?

I can turn the axle and tighten up and loosen it really easily is that normal?

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I don’t think axles should be difficult to unscrew. I’m hoping someone here will have better advice than I can give. String getting caught on the side of the bearing usually mean the halves are not screwed together properly but a Yoyo Factory yoyo coming unscrewed during play is odd…calling @yyfben2.deactivated and @YoYoExpertGarrett can you offer any advice to this person?

If you’re stopping right when the yoyo stops turning while putting it together, then you are probably not tightening it enough. Don’t force it, but once the halves stop screwing together, give it one more short but strong turn (maybe only a quarter turn or less) so it’s hand tight. That should stop it unscrewing.

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The axle is not fixed to either yoyo half, it’s just a set screw, so it’s perfectly normal for it to tighten/loosen freely when you take the yoyo apart. If it’s coming apart during play just try tightening it a bit more. It looks screwed together fully in your first photo, but like @adamantiumpops said give it an extra twist when you start to feel resistance and it should hold better. Don’t be afraid to give it a little muscle, DV888 is built like a tank and will be hard to strip.

If that doesn’t work try contacting the store you got it from - If you bought from us feel free to send me a message and I can help you out.